Buzet - The City of truffles


Man has enviously been contemplating the elegant and light and flight of the birds. Throughout the centuries, he managed to fly up in the sky with the help of an adequate equipment.
Istria has the greatest number of the flying days in a year, in the whole European territory thanks to the natural position of the northern Istrian slopes, mountain Ćićarija which stretches from the Slovenian side of Istria to Učka- Istrian eternal guardian; giant on the eastern side.

Thermic columns, the power of the wind and the natural relief make perfect conditions for the flight. While flying you can hear the sound of the wind and meet a bird from time to time.
…blood is boiling in your veins, you enjoy every second of this unique experience, suddenly you feel relieved and look at the earth from the bird's eye.

Meet the area of Buzet from the air! You can fly alone if you are a qualified paraglider. If you haven't got any experience, you can try to fly with a private instructor in a tandem-glider.

''Once you have flown up in the sky, you will be walking with your eyes pointed into the sky because you have been there and you'll wish to come back''

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